We are Herbie and Laura, or if two syllables are too much hassle Herb and Loz and we’ve both been residing in London for the past decade or so. Having been rained on one too many times, Herb decided to ditch Galway and made an easterly trip across the Irish sea looking for new and sparkly things in the big smoke. Loz on the other hand, having spent 18 years in the sticks of the west country made the less glamorous voyage down the M4 in search of a university that had a population of 500+ people and 0 sheep.

Fast forward a few years, our paths cross and we’ve spent the remaining time rowing, running, cycling and going on a significant number of mini adventures. We’ve swum in seas, rivers and lakes. Climbed mountains, fells and the eiffel tower. Run everything between park runs to 50 mile ultras and even had time for a few pints.

So, after a good few mini adventures we thought it was about time we did something a little more significant. Roll forward a few trekking v cycling debates and the plan for a little pedal down the Americas was formed.