Learn to ride

Ok so i don’t really mean ‘learn to cycle’. I like most young children remember being bought

my first bike for Christmas, wobbling around my nana’s garden and just as I was getting going having a cheeky look behind to check my Dad was still holding on (he wasn’t) crashing miserably to the ground. Luckily things have improved since then and a good 25 years later I wobble a lot less.

The pedalling bit is ok, the maintenance bit and knowing a rear derailleur from handle bar tape is a different matter. Maybe I over exaggerate, I can change an inner tube given enough time and I’m a dab hand when it comes to changing the seat height but maintenance for me has always been handing my trusty steed over to the nearest ‘bike geek’ with a smile.

This is where Kevin comes in, Kevin is a bike genius. When I asked him to take a look over my new Surly he not only said he’d give it a service but would also talk me through and show me all the bits that might possibly go wrong. So lets hope, these next few paragraphs stick in my brain, and if not I’ll be able to read them at a later date.


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